Many men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and for many, oral medications do very little to help and come with many side effects. According to a study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, one out of every four under the age of 40 suffers from erectile dysfunction and this increases with age. Men may suffer from ED for multiple reasons such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, and prostate cancer.

The Priapus Shot® (P-shot) is a lasting solution to help with sexual performance. Men who have received the Priapus Shot® have reported increased firmness, blood flow, and appearance of erections, in addition to increased sexual desire, stamina and pleasure. This procedure can also decrease the need for ED medications, and some have also reported an improvement or complete resolution of prostate discomfort or urinary incontinence.

How does the Priapus Shot® work?

The treatment begins with a quick blood draw in order to obtain the Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is then injected into areas of the penis that are numbed with local anesthetic cream, so that the shots cause little to no pain. The areas chosen are crucial for sexual response, and benefit from the growth of new tissue and blood vessels as a result. Many men report changes in girth and length of the penis.

Does the Priapus Shot® hurt?

Men will tolerate this procedure very well as a potent topical numbing cream is applied prior to treatment. There is little to no discomfort.

When will I see results?

Improvements can be seen immediately, although there is usually a return to prior treatment status in 3-5 days as water is absorbed, and prior to the complete action of the fibroblasts to increase the size of the penis. Within 2-4 weeks more noticeable results will be seen.

How long do results of the Priapus Shot® last?

The results of this treatment should last 15-18 months, but results may vary and research documenting the longevity or results are ongoing.

Dr. Joelle Lieman is Board Certified in the practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology and has practiced in the greater Boston area for over 17 years.

Her qualifications in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology give Dr. Lieman a unique perspective on how to use PRP for sexual rejuvenation and invigoration. At Elite Aesthetics, where we offer both the O-shot® and Geneveve™, Dr. Lieman can customize a treatment plan that best suits your needs with either option or even both for more enhanced results. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lieman

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